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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

We all have many thoughts going around our heads all the time. I am drawn to talk about one group of these thoughts – the negative thoughts. These are a whole group of thoughts that are always there in our brains causing bad feelings. You can almost catch these thoughts chatting away when you stop and listen. It’s as though there are two people in your head having a serious debate about you, but you are not even allowed to participate.

So, how valid are these negative thoughts? The clue is in the name. It is our personal responsibility to ride our heads off these negative thoughts. The cool thing about negative thoughts is, we have the power to observe them, and the only requirement is silence. In this silence you become aware of what these two unwanted residences are debating about.
In high school I was in a debate club and I learnt then that to give a powerful argument you need facts. Then how is it that someone would base their conclusion of so and so not liking them just because they “think” or “know it” without so and so having said that “I don’t like you” to them?

Mind reading is one of the commonest thinking errors when our self-esteem is low. It is fatal to self-esteem because we believe that others agree with our negative opinions of ourselves.
We can free ourselves from effects of believing stressful thoughts such as “I’m not good enough,” “He doesn’t love me”, She doesn’t understand me”, “I’m too fat”, “I need more money”, or “something terrible is going to happen.” We can turn our stress, frustration, and anger into a freedom that we never dreamed possible.

Happiness habits that will help you find this freedom is to start to Go Beyond the mind – question the thought, use facts to expose the negativity, don’t let your ego have a party on your expense and Let go.

With love,