Happiness with Irene - coaching

Take Ownership of Your Happiness

It’s ok to escape reality now and again but when this becomes a habit we find ourselves in a place where we are unhappy, fearful, pessimistic, low energy, unease, malaise, and separation. Remember that as human beings we are in a constant tag of war with our emotions, thoughts and behaviors (habits). Especially, when we find ourselves in conflicts, negative environments.
If you have ever watched a tag of war you might have notice that if there is equal strengths on each side of the rope there is a moment when there is balance. It’s when a side starts to get tired or get distracted they lose the balance.

People lose focus all the time. What matters the most is that we should know our way back to feeling happy, love, optimist, flow, acceptance, vitality, ease, well-being, and connection. And to make an effort to stay on this side of life.

A guaranteed and safe way to making sure that you know your way back when you lose balance is learning to take Personal Responsibility. The moment you will let go of the belief that other people or outside circumstances have the power to make or break your happiness, you reclaim your ability to consciously respond – instead of you unconsciously react – to the events of your life.

When you take ownership of your happiness, you will find yourself responding like a winner, you will focus on solutions, you will look for the lesson and the gift and most importantly you will have a peace of mind.
With Love,